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     Gluttony is no fool. He knows of her lies, the deceptive words spilling from trembling lips. For now, they mean nothing except a call to obedience. The corners of his mouth upturned in a smirk and he withdraws his claws instead smoothing his palm along the column of her spine.

     “I love you too, pet,” he coos, the tone dripping in humanoid sounds once more. The edge of her lips earns a peck, a patronizing peck. Warmth soon dissipates as he vacates her space and admires the crumpling angel in her bonds. Satisfaction swells in his chest.

     “I’ll be back later this evening. Keep your sounds to a minimum. I don’t want to have to rip out that pretty tongue of yours.” Half-hearted in his wave, Gluttony takes his leave from the cage’s space, shutting and locking the door as he exits.

     “Be good.” And he vanishes to his domain. 

✿ ♕ ❀ —
        It doesn’t matter. Daisy knows that Gluttony
        knows she’s lying.. but she also knows that
        simply doing what he says keeps her safe.
        She second she feels the threat of his claws
        diminish, Daisy hyperventilates, heart racing
        inside her chest.

        He’s so close to her, so agonizingly close to
        the female, that she can hardly breathe. His
        kiss is meaningless, and Daisy hardly even
        registers that it happens before she’s sinking
        from weak knees into a trembling pile.

        With shaking fingers, the angel lifts a hand to
        touch her bleeding lips, and stare miserably
        at golden cuffs and heavy chains. The female
        vessel is silent.. before she slumps into a pile
        of pillows, sobbing out desperate prayers until
        she’s run out of new ones to recite.

       Then she starts over.


     Gluttony paints her pale cheek red as he plants a damp kiss on the bud intent on tasting her fallen tears. Salt stings his tongue and he salivates, craving more and more of her wondrous taste. Another time.

     Parting from her cheek, the sin moves only a fraction away, just enough to catch her gaze. Slowly, he removes his hand and anchors it on her waist, never once allowing his eyes to drift from hers.

     “I’m glad we’re on the same page,” he whispers, but not at all to comfort. Void of emotion, his voice is not human, but a chilling wind heard in the dead of night.

     “—Tell me you love me.

     Fingers indent her side; his claws threatening to rip through delicate tissue.  

✿ ♕ ❀ —
        Daisy wails like an injured animal,
        and her eyes turn upward, silently
        begging for a miracle. But angels
        who sin don’t deserve miracles, &
        she, who turned her back on God,
        will have His back turned on her.

       Daisy sobs, begging ❝please, don’t
       do this, don’t hurt me, please—❞ her
       words like a broken record. Gluttony
       digs his claws in, however, and the
       angel fears for her safety. The lies
       burn on her tongue as she speaks.

       ❝I do! I love you, I love you, please,
       please, don’t..❞ Oh, God.. perhaps
       she would rather die. ❝I love you, I
       p-promise.. Please, just let go..!❞



' whenever —-and—- wherever, ya want. 
and only for you, my darlin’. ‘

✿ ♕ ❀ —
        Daisy smiles —— and proceeds
        to plant innocent kisses all over
        Will’s face and lips. ❝Promise?❞

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